8th of October 2017 09:52 AM Link
Thanks for representing FMO Charlie!
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4th of October 2017 04:14 PM
Our thoughts and prayers go out to the green berets who were killed and injured and to their community for another tragic loss.
1st of October 2017 02:00 PM Link
As we wrap our final trip of 2017, we want to say how much we appreciate our veterans. They each made a decision to serve our country and we can not thank them enough. They were strangers to us but now we call them friends. It is an honor and a privilege to know these folks.
Blessed to live in the USA- home of the free because of the brave.
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28th of September 2017 06:32 PM Link
A couple more photos from yesterdays fishing trip
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28th of September 2017 05:34 AM Link
We dined at Sunset Waterfront Grill last evening. We had the tile, grouper and cobia the guys caught yesterday aboard Angler's Envy. Thanks fellas for a fresh and delicious meal. #anglers_envy_charters
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27th of September 2017 06:00 PM Link
Going out with a bang!
Today was our last day of fishing with our FMO veterans for 2017. Another great day it was. Caught lots of fish and had lots of laughs. Thanks #Anglers_envy_charters - as always, you put us on the fish.
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27th of September 2017 01:22 PM Link
Fantastic day on the water with our veterans and Angler's Envy.
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27th of September 2017 07:10 AM Link
#NativeEyewear thank you for your continued support of #Frogmanoutdoors and our SOCOM veterans. Receiving your sunglasses is always a excellent bonus for the guys when they attend an FMO fishing trip.

Thank you!
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26th of September 2017 08:53 AM Link
The morning started out slow but ended with a wow!!
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25th of September 2017 01:59 PM Link
Busy day on the river catching tarpon, trout, reds, blackdrum. Caught approx 50+. The ocean may not be do-able but the river is. Awesome day with awesome guys.
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25th of September 2017 03:15 AM Link
Time to fish
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23rd of September 2017 05:21 PM Link
We finally get to host two more veterans! Tomorrow we will meet Bill, MARSOC, and Mike, Army SOAR. We look forward to meeting them and for the opportunity to thank them for their service and for the sacrifices they have made.
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16th of September 2017 12:15 PM Link
Thank you to Engel Coolers for becoming an FMO sponsor. And thank you to Bill at Lowcountry Laser and Engraving for putting our logo on the Engel tumblers at no charge.
#EngelCoolers #seriouscool
#engraving #fmo #hookedonhealing #frogmanoutdoors #nonprofit #givingback #tumblers #veteranssuppprtingveterans #usa
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15th of September 2017 06:01 PM
Prayers to the Special Forces community for their recent loss.
13th of September 2017 04:31 AM
Wanted to let you all know that we are fine after the hurricane. We are very thankful- it could be much worse.

We have decided to cancel our Sept 17-21 trip and hope to get those folks here in the spring. The status of our Sept 24-28 trip is TBD.

Praying for the Sunshine State and beyond.
11th of September 2017 05:51 AM Link
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8th of September 2017 06:26 PM Link
Irma's in the air but the redfish dont care.

We took advantage of one last oppprtunity to fish before Irma arrives.
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8th of September 2017 10:57 AM
We've cancelled our Sept 10-14 fishing trip and will play it by ear for the following two weeks once we see what Irma brings our way.
Please everyone, stay safe!!
4th of September 2017 07:41 AM Link
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3rd of September 2017 04:19 PM Link
Thanks Capt Mike Dunlap for representing FMO.
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